Proverbs 27:17

Lord, surround me with people that serve you. Put me in relationships that will be strengthening and encouraging to my walk with you. I want to bring you glory.

Paul must’ve prayed a prayer similar to that.

Paul had been stoned and then dragged out of the city and left for dead. But he survived. And when he woke up the first faces he saw were the faces of his friends, his fellow disciples. They were there with him, surrounding him, standing by his side.

The Lord had provided a support system for Paul.

Who comes to your side in your times of need? Do you have strong in the faith, founded Christian friends? Are you putting forth effort to surround yourself with Godly people?

God will provide us a network of people that we can glorify Him with. Our prayer needs to be that our eyes will be opened to the people that God puts in our life. And that we would be willing to invest our time and ourselves in relationships that will bring glory to Him.