John 3:16

You’re the reason Jesus died. He gave his life for you.

Out of love.

He has loved you since he created you.

He loves you now.

Before you were born.

Before you could make decisions.

Before you chose to love Him.

He was already there, loving you.

So no matter what you do: Jesus loves you.

He loves you regardless of your situation or choices.

Jesus loves you.

So why do we feel more loved as we grow closer to Him?

Our perspective is different.

The closer we draw to Jesus, the more loved we feel…not because He loves us greater when we are obedient, but because our hearts are beginning to recognize the love that has always been there.

So continue to seek after Him.

Read his word.

Talk with Him.

Do His work.

Abstain from sin.

But don’t do it to earn His love.

Do it to show your love for Him.