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Using the Word to Encourage Others


May 2013


Hebrews 13:15

Praise Jesus.

He made you.

He saved you.

He has what’s best in store for you.

Praise The Lord.


Romans 12:1

Just imagine what it must’ve been like when The Lord designed Samuel. He was designing a worker for himself.

Imagine how The Lord must’ve felt when he heard Samuel’s response to the call He had made to him: “speak; for thy servant heareth.”

Think of the joy The Lord must’ve felt as he watched Samuel live his entire life for him, dedicating his life to the work of The Lord.

Maybe you had once thought of Samuel, a prophet of God as being an example of a life that we could strive for but never obtain. You might have thought that living a life like his is something that is rare and exclusive to Samuel and his situation.

But it isn’t. Samuel wasn’t the exception. He was just a precursor to what our lives could be.

You were created by God, for God. He designed you with every intention of having you work exclusively for Him. By accepting the calling of doing His work you have chosen to dedicate your life to His will.

You have so much in common with Samuel.

He finished strong in The Lord. You can do the same.

And The Winner Is…

I Peter 2:23

He had John the Baptist beheaded. He killed James with the sword. He had every intention of putting Peter to death. King Herod was doing everything in his power to destroy the church.

The results?

Worms ate up King Herod and then he was struck dead.

The church flourished. The word of God grew and multiplied.

God is always in control.

He always has the last word.

Concern yourself with proclaiming the gospel and living it out. Jesus will take care of the rest.

Support System

Proverbs 27:17

Lord, surround me with people that serve you. Put me in relationships that will be strengthening and encouraging to my walk with you. I want to bring you glory.

Paul must’ve prayed a prayer similar to that.

Paul had been stoned and then dragged out of the city and left for dead. But he survived. And when he woke up the first faces he saw were the faces of his friends, his fellow disciples. They were there with him, surrounding him, standing by his side.

The Lord had provided a support system for Paul.

Who comes to your side in your times of need? Do you have strong in the faith, founded Christian friends? Are you putting forth effort to surround yourself with Godly people?

God will provide us a network of people that we can glorify Him with. Our prayer needs to be that our eyes will be opened to the people that God puts in our life. And that we would be willing to invest our time and ourselves in relationships that will bring glory to Him.


I Peter 4:2

Mercurius! Jupiter! Mercurius! Jupiter!

Paul and Barnabas heard the chant as the crowd drew closer to them. They looked at the gates of the city and saw oxen being brought in to be sacrificed.

Mercurius! Jupiter! Mercurius! Jupiter!

The crowd was heading in their direction.

The disciples put it together. They were the ones being called Mercurius and Jupiter. The oxen was going to be a sacrifice to them. The people were seeing them as gods.

“No!!” Paul and Barnabas tore their clothes. They ran to the people. “No!!! Stop! We are men, like you. We preach the one true God, creator of heaven and earth….”

Some people live their lives trying to reach a status where they are viewed as gods. Maybe they don’t actually think of it that way but the evidence says otherwise:

They accept all praise as if they were solely responsible.
They expect people to do exactly as they say.
They’re out to receive glory for themselves.

What are your intentions? Are you living a life like Paul and Barnabas? A life where you want nothing more than to glorify God and be found in His will and favor? Or are you going about pretending to be bought in to Christ’s plan but only living for yourself?

Do a self check.

To God be the glory.

Qualified to Work

Philippians 4:19

Zacharias and Elisabeth. Two people in history that were chosen to be part of God’s plan. This couple would become parents to John the Baptist.

What made them so special?

They were righteous and blameless.

Righteousness. Yours was as filthy rags….until you accepted Christ’s.

Blameless. You were guilty of sin….until Jesus washed it away.

So where does this leave you, Child of God?

Conditioned to take part in God’s plan.

You’re special. You’ve been chosen.

Alarm System

Matthew 24:42

Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep!

Sirens blared through the house.

The house-owner rushed down the stairs in time to see a man running away. The adrenaline coursed through his veins. He was safe. Praise God! The sirens had scared the intruder away.

False prophets! Wars! Famines! Pestilence! Earthquakes! Martyrs!

The signs of Christ’s second coming are all around us.

Will you be watching for Him? Or will you be caught off guard?

Jesus will come as a thief in the night.

Be prepared.

Hold On

Jeremiah 29:11

He had been hated by his brothers, cast into a pit, sold into slavery, wrongly accused, thrown into jail…..and now?….now we can see how God’s plan came together.

Without the hatred from his brothers they wouldn’t have sold him into slavery.

Had he not been sold into slavery he wouldn’t have been given charge over Potiphar’s things.

Had he not excelled in Potiphar’s house his wife wouldn’t have falsely accused him.

Had Potiphar’s wife not falsely accused him he wouldn’t have been thrown into jail.

Had he not been thrown into jail he wouldn’t have met the Pharaoh’s butler and baker.

Had he not met the butler and baker his gifts of interpreting dreams wouldn’t have been made known to Pharaoh.

Had he not worked for Pharaoh he wouldn’t have been in the position to provide for his family.

Joseph. We know him as a man that had the favor of The Lord. He was full of wisdom, faithful to God, successful in business. He is now a positive role model in any Christian’s life.

The trying times he faced led him to a peaceful way of life full of unimaginable blessings and a resounding legacy.

Are you troubled by what you are having to endure?
Take comfort. God is working it out for your good.

Get Going

Philippians 3:13-14

Samuel anointed Saul as king. He had been with him every step of the way. Offering him counsel. Imparting wisdom upon him. Making known the way of The Lord.

Saul and Samuel shared an unique bond.

Then Saul turned his back on The Lord. He went against the instructions from God to rely completely on himself.

Samuel was distraught. The man that he had invested most of his life to was destroying the good that God had given him.

Samuel mourned for what Saul had done with his life.

He was sorrowful for the choices that Saul had made.

He was consumed with disappointment.

Then The Lord came to Samuel.

He told him that he still had work for him to do. Samuel was to quit dwelling on Saul. Now was the time to move forward.

Sometimes things don’t work out the way that we had hoped they would. People fail us. We fail God. But God doesn’t want us to stay in a place of defeat. He doesn’t want us to dwell on our difficult pasts. He wants us to get up and get moving forward.

Your past doesn’t have to hinder your future with Jesus.

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