II Kings 6:16

The servant of Elisha thought the Israelites were doomed. The entire camp of Israel was surrounded by the Syrian army. Worried, he went to Elisha and explained the situation as he saw it. Elisha prayed to God asking Him to open the eyes of the servant. The servant’s eyes were opened and he saw the army of The Lord surrounding them.

But The Lord didn’t give the victory to the Israelites through a battle with Syria. Instead he blinded the Syrians and had the Israelites to take them captive and lead them into Samaria. The Syrians’ eyes were opened in Samaria. Instead of destroying them the Israelites fed them. The Syrians realized the power of the Israelites and their God. They never came back to the land of Israel again. The Israelites had obtained victory.

When the servant of Elisha received his spiritual vision he was comforted. He knew the power of God was on their side. He also probably thought he knew how The Lord would give them the victory, through battle. But he was following The Lord’s lead and was now strengthened by the fact that he could see that God was with them. Seeing that the presence of God surrounded them gave him the courage to go on and defeat the Syrians.

Rarely do we get the details in the plans that God has for us. We make plans of our own to try and line up with what we think God might want. This isn’t a bad thing if we are flexible to when God shows us a different path. Because spiritual vision isn’t seeing every detail of the outcome in a situation. Spiritual vision is focusing on the fact that God is with you and allowing Him to lead.