Ecclesiastes 4:9-12

Throughout the bible there are many references to strong friendships. David and Jonathan. Ruth and Naomi. Paul and Timothy.

Strong friendships all have a common ground on which they are sustained. If a person suffers a setback a good friend will help them get back on their feet. If a person is in need of comfort a good friend will comfort them. And if a person finds their self in the middle of conflict a good friend will help them to fight the battle. The friendships that can withstand tests not only has these qualities but most importantly and above all else the people within these friendships are intertwined with Jesus.
Because Jesus is the ultimate friend. He will always help you back up. He provides peace that passeth all understanding. And he will fight your battles for you.

Building strong friendships require time, effort and vulnerability. But they are worth the price. Make sure Jesus is at the core of the friendships that you are giving yourself to.