Leaving a Legacy Ministries with Codi Gandee

Using the Word to Encourage Others


Nehemiah was faced with a problem: the people were buying and selling on the Sabbath day from outside merchants.

His solution was two-fold:

1) he told the children to stop buying on the Sabbath; to be obedient to the law.

2) he told the outsiders that they weren’t allowed to sell there anymore.

Remember that approach next time you face a similar situation: Encourage the person going through it to follow God’s will and do all within your power to make the situation easier for them to succeed.

Passion to Purpose

Simon and Andrew were fisherman. It’s what they knew, liked and and were successful with. Jesus was able to take their profession and use it to His glory. With an analogy He opened the men’s eyes to service.

Jesus can go beyond using analogies. He can actually use peoples’ professions or hobbies as means to glorify Him:

A carpenter can use his skills to help repair a House of The Lord. A musician can perform in worship service. A baker can bake food for a homeless shelter.

If you’re struggling with finding a way to minister to the world look at what God has already given you. Take the talents He has blessed you with to bring Him glory.


A true friend is one that encourages you to grow in your walk with Christ, even when it may be awkward or hard to accept.

And an enemy isn’t necessarily always forthright in their intentions. They’re destruction can be camouflaged to look like support.

Prayerfully decide who you will take advice from, who you will accept as a friend.

Proverbs 27:6 Faithful are the wounds of a friend; but the kisses of the enemy are deceitful.

Keep At It

David laid some serious groundwork before Saul really began to inquire about who he was.

He literally had to fight and kill a giant before King Saul asked about his heritage.

When the conversation finally happened David could unashamedly say who his father was.

Building a testimony can take time. Keep at it though. Because when the time comes for you to give the reason for your actions Jesus will be glorified.

Stop the Lie

Jesus said “Even if John doesn’t die, I’m still the one to be followed.”

The disciples response “Did you hear that John isn’t going to die!” The misunderstanding started to spread.

John stopped the lie in its track. “No, Jesus did not say that I wouldn’t die. He said that my death should not matter to you, the followers of Christ.”

Could you imagine how Christians would be affected around the world if they were allowed to keep believing the lie that Jesus said John wouldn’t die? John’s death would have shaken their faith to the core because they would begin to doubt Christ’s words.

If you hear a piece of information that you know to be false…be bold in standing up for the truth. If you let it go people could be seriously hurt.

You choose


Joshua was lying on the ground defeated. The Israelites had just lost thousands of men at war with Ai. The Lord commanded Joshua to get up and to sanctify the people. He was told that once the sin was out of the camp the blessings would begin to flow again.

Before we accepted the blood of Jesus for the atonement of our sins we were wallowing in misery. We weren’t able to accomplish anything for The Lord. We knew that we weren’t bringing any pleasure to the One True God. Then we heard the call. “Up. Sanctify yourself.”

In the moment that we chose to rise up with Jesus, becoming one of His children, our lives changed. We discovered our purpose was to live in Christ. God was giving us direction and we were taking it. Sin no longer ruled in our lives. Blessings began flowing from the throne of God.

Continue to Make the choice to not be found lying in misery and uncertainty. Choose instead to be found up and about The Lord’s business being showered with the blessings of God.


Simon of Cyrenne transformed from an onlooker in a crowd to a helper of our Lord.

At what point did the change come about?

Answer: when Jesus passed by.

How do you react when you’re called out for Christ? Do you try to blend into the crowd? Or do you step out to become identified as one that wants to be for Christ, not against him?

He is for you. Be a friend to Him.


The rain and snow come down to fill the land with growth, to cause it to flourish. At the root of a farmer’s success is precipitation. Without it he wouldn’t have income, wouldn’t live for lack of nourishment.

And so it is for a Christian.

Isaiah likens the Word of God to the rain and snow. Without the Word a Christian won’t be able to produce fruit. A Christian would lack nourishment, taking away the opportunity to thrive and flourish.

That’s how important God’s Word is to His children, His church. Treat it as a commodity that you can’t live without. Cherish it. Use it. Pray for it to be constant in your everyday life.


Not only did Mary pour the ointment on Jesus’ head, she then used it to wipe his feet. We’re left with the impression that there wasn’t any ointment remaining in the box. I am fully persuaded that she sacrificed all of it to honor her Lord.

Paul teaches that we are to present ourselves to Christ as a living sacrifice. I encourage you to follow Mary’s lead: hold nothing back for Jesus. Be completely devoted to Christ alone.

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