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Using the Word to Encourage Others


Saul had dedicated his life to destroying those who had chosen to follow Jesus. Then Jesus offered Saul salvation. Saul accepted the call of The Lord.

Timothy was raised in a household that brought him up to know the Gospel as truth. Jesus invited Timothy to be saved. Timothy accepted. He too became a child of the King.

It doesn’t matter what your background is. Jesus is extending you the opportunity to come to Him for salvation, for a future as his child.

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“The choices we make in this short period of time have eternal consequences.”

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Pride Causes Division

Queen Esther was going before her husband on behalf of her people, the Jews. Instead of thinking too highly of herself to call upon the common Jewish people for prayer she reached out to them asking them to intervene.

The Jewish people’s response wasn’t rooted in jealousy of the Queen’s title, or in comparison between their situations. Instead they did as the Queen asked and prayed for her.

Neither the queen nor the people allowed their current positions to get in the way of their need for each others support.

Within the family of God there are many different people. Some are rich. Some are poor. Some are highly successful. Some are struggling. Some have been serving Jesus for decades others have just been reborn. No matter what their status each person can benefit from another Christian’s prayers. We are called to lift one another up, regardless of how well or poorly we think they might be doing. Pray for your fellow Christians. Don’t allow worldly success or failures affect your prayers. God isn’t a respecter of persons. We shouldn’t be either.


An old man hosted a traveling man as he journeyed home. The enemy came knocking on the old man’s door. They were looking for the traveler. Instead of sending the enemy away the old man compromised by giving them two women instead.

Later one of the women was murdered. Tribe fought against tribe. Thousands upon thousands were killed because the old man figured it’d be okay to try and suffice the enemy.

It’s never okay to try to appease the devil. He will take what you give him and destroy everything he can. Continue to give Jesus complete ownership of all areas in your life. There isn’t any room for compromise.

Judges 19:16-30 & 20

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Somebody (my husband) getting his work week started in the Word! ❤️

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